Thursday, January 29, 2009

another reason why i'm glad i have cats

(The characters named in this story are in fact real, not fictional but their names have been changed to protect privacy and pride...)

Among reasons like curling up on my feet while i sleep and sweetly nuzzling my neck the NUMBER ONE, ABSOLUTE NUMERO UNO REASON that im glad I have cats is the fact that they do NOT eat their own or anyone else's poo...

I wasn't sure what to blog about today but then I read "gretta's" blog about how her adorable tiny puppy "bess" has taken to eating her own poop...

Now I'll admit I'm not a dog person...well that's not entirely true, I love all things furry and loveable BUT I am much, much more of a CAT PERSON...I've even been referred to as the Crazy Cat Lady...but anyway I mean seriously WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL EATS THEIR OWN POO? Certainly not cats...I think if it was up to cats they wouldn't even poo...they're JUST THAT CLEAN. They would rather hold it in and be miserable than do something as disgusting as actually expelling it from their tiny bodies...and then there's dogs...dogs who not only enjoy pooing and peeing all over the blasted place, right there in the open in front of God and everyone but then sometimes they roll around in it and I've just learned that sometimes they EAT IT.


People, wake up and realize that cats rule.

Monday, January 26, 2009


Okay so most parents try to discourage their babies from dependencies like thumb sucking and pacifiers and later on in life drug usage. Now I'm not saying that I would approve of him lighting up a doobie but I have to say that I am thrilled to see that maybe Cooper might be a thumb sucker. I mean as I watched him lay in his bed, his thumb in his mouth, his face a look of peaceful content I had thoughts of how very much I LOVE THIS KID and MY GOSH, HE IS THE CUTEST BABY EVER and OTHER SHOUTED THOUGHTS of this nature...

Who doesn't think a baby with a thumb is adorable? Possibly the most adorable sight ever...put a fluffy kitten in his lap and there would be no doubt.

Thumb sucking is not only marvelously cute but also very practical. I mean you always have your thumb. Even if there is no "moo" there is a thumb. Even if the paci has dropped in the floor there is thumb. ALL THROUGH YOUR LIFE THERE IS THUMB. And I can't chastise thumb suckers because I'm a nail bitter. And I don't apologize for that. It provides great comfort. When I'm upset I bite. When I'm nervous I bite. Also when I'm excited, bored and feeling pretty much in other emotion I bite. I don't smoke, I don't drink and of all the vices to have nail biting (or thumb sucking), is pretty mild.

So this morning Cooper was a little cranky having to be woken up and dragged out of bed and put into a cold carseat. I handed him a paci (something he hasn't had in months), not from lack of trying, he just doesn't seem all that interested. So this morning I give him the paci and he sucks for a minute, then takes it out of his mouth and examines it, chews on the side a little then proceeds to put it back in his mouth with his thumb stuck in the hole of the paci, essentially sucking his paci AND his thumb simultaneously...and then, at that very moment, my heart exploded into a million happy pieces from the sheer volume of ADORABLENESS...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

COOPER-month 8!

Eight months old! Eight! It's hard to believe that in just four short months we'll start calculating your age in years...unreal...People told me it would fly by and they were right, it has. But at the same time I have enjoyed every single minute of it. Even the 3:00 am feedings!

You are still working on teeth...ugh baby teeth. I will be glad when this part of our life is over. I feel like baby teeth hate us both.

You are *almost* crawling! You do the whole getting up on your hands and knees thing but then you don't really go anywhere but BABY you are close! Everyone says I'll regret encouraging you so hard because once you become mobile there will be no stopping you!

Last week we lost one of the most important people in our lives, our nanny. I have contemplated and wrestled about what I could possibly write to you, what I could possibly try to pass on to you to tell you just how very much she loved you. I have decided that there are just simply no words. There is no way I can ever tell you, my only hope is that she instilled enough of it in me that I'll be able to pass that love on to you all the days of my life.

She was 69 years old which to you has to be ancient. Even by the time you can read this you'll think that she was the probably the oldest person to ever live but I promise you, by the time you're mommy's age you'll realize that 69 is just barely scrapping the surface of old age or the supposed golden years. For a while I struggled with this and I thought about all the people that had made it way past 69, some even into their 80's and 90's and it seemed so unfair. Like we had been robbed of precious time that was owed to us. More time for her to get to see you crawl...and walk...and talk...and grow up to be a magnificent little boy and young man. But my consolation is this: it was truly her time. She was asleep. She wasn't sick. It wasn't expected. It was sudden and it was fast and of all the ways to go it was a blessing. While she was sleeping God just whispered in her ear, "Come on home..." She didn't suffer and I can't even argue that her time was cut short because I can promise you, God always knows what he's doing.

Right after you were born your gran told me something that to this day still makes me cry. She said that right before you were born she could just picture Jesus leading you through the streets of Heaven letting you say goodbye to all the loved ones you already had up there. We talked about how you saw your papa mincey and your grampy jones and your grandpa gilleland and how they probably told you to be a good boy and that they'd "see ya after while". That image still gives me chills and no doubt, you, little one, have been in the presence of the God.

At the funeral home I thought of something else. Nanny is no longer here to hold you but she is Heaven, holding your little brother or sister. And I'm not sure when they're coming here to earth, but it's weird, it's like I know they ARE day.

Right now we're enjoying you and all of your quirks and all of your personality and all of your bubblyness. You are the happiest baby ever.

You now say "dadada" and FINALLY "mama" and "hey" and "hi" and most recently "na-na" which is close to "ma-ma" but if you listen real close you can tell the difference. And I have to believe that it's you own little way of giving a shout out to our beloved nanny.

In other news Gretchen and Joshy got engaged and are planning a wedding at the beach which will probably be your very first beach trip so that will be exciting! Getting to feel sand for the first time and wade into the ocean and pick up sea shells, I CAN HARDLY WAIT! (Which is weird because normally I hate the beach but getting to do anything with you for the very first time is SPECTACULAR and I love nothing more than to watch you explore and learn and experience).

Tomorrow is your grandpa frosty's birthday so we'll gather at grandma mincey's for food and no doubt she will have not forgotten about you and she'll most likely have sweet potatoes or peas or some other mushy food for you! You'll get all the lovin you can stand on friday night and then your mema joann is supposed to come up on saturday are going to have one awesome weekend surrounded by people that you love.

It will be fun and exciting and busy but you know what? On Sunday night when everything is over and everyone has gone home me, your daddy, your kitties and you are going to curl up on the couch and watch tv...or not...and just be together...just enjoy each other...even if the kitties are wild or your fussy or your daddy is cold or im hot, it's not going to matter because we'll be together in our own comfy home, with our own little family and we'll just be...

I love you more than I ever thought possible,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

sWeEpS dAy 7

For todays contest i thought i would try to win something cute and trendy so i went to the seventeen magazine website. Unfortunetely what they were offering was a pair of "BLACK POCKET SEQUINNED RAMPAGE DENIM" jeans (most likely size 1/2) and since im not that "young" or "fresh" i declined to enter for the jeans and instead found something more useful. i went to

and signed up for a baby contest from mylicon in which im hoping to win a BABIES-R-US gift card. woo hoo!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


in honor of angela's b-day (today)! i used my "one contest a day plan" and entered her in a drawing for FREE BRIE! A BASKET OF CHEESE! YAY! im so excited because if she wins i wont have to get her a real present...

and even if she doesnt win she's still bound to get lots of CHEESE FLAVORED SPAM...(the email kind...)

THE ONE *almost* titled "THE ONE where shannon says SCREW IT ALL"

When people ask me if it's tough being the black sheep in a SEA OF PURE WHITE i just want to say..."'s comforting actually"


a perfect example of why girls suck and why we let DRAMA LLAMA rule our lives...

watch until the end...i especially like it when "natalie" becomes inconsolable....hehehe

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA! (day 5...sweeps)

sorry we're not all together celebrating your b-day on a glorious cruise...

maybe if i win one of the day...(i'm beginning to think they're all rigged...)

Monday, January 5, 2009

kroger baby! day 4

yes i know i'm one day behind but i'll catch up some point...


compliments of one of my VERY FAVORITE websites:

Saturday, January 3, 2009


for today's contest i went to and entered to win a vaca to hilton head-WOO HOO! I HEART HH!!!! so im keeping my fingers crossed for this one!

Friday, January 2, 2009

THE ONE in which you find us all in snotty heap...dead.

So Cooper has majorly. He also has an ear infection in BOTH count em BOTH ears! (According to my grandma, this is all my fault because I let him run around naked, ie: fully clothed minus the socks...) And I want to be all like, "grandma I don't think I'm the problem, the infection is in his ears NOT HIS FEET." If he had contracted gan-green then SURE I might take the fall for that one...but this, I'm not going down for.

Anyway so he's pretty miserable but THANK THE GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN much, much better than at the first of the week. He gets a breathing treatment three times a day and an antibiotic twice a day and we suction his nose as often as we feel like taking our lives in our own hands because seriously have you ever tried to stick something up the nose of a very strong octopus? Have you?

So I am thrilled and thankful that he is on the road to recovery and I have to give a shout out to Craig (my house husband as of this week), who has taken care of Cooper the majority of the time. Him and my mom took him to the doctor. Craig picked up the meds. Craig has given him all the breathing treatments and the antibiotic too for that matter. And he's also been the chief bottle maker (and dish washer), HOW LUCKY AM I?!

The reason Craig has taken so much responsibility is that my job has required me to be here this week. We have a new sheriff and administration taking over and the chaos is imminent and frowned upon if missed by any employee. Yay me, barrel full of fun...

So about that snot. I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick. I guess I have the adult version (aka: much milder) of RSV. I'm sniffing, coughing, wheezing, all cold symptoms apply. Granted I would much rather be sick than Cooper and if I could take this illness from him I would, however nature had a different approach in mind. Nature feels that if one in your herd gets sick that the whole herd is condemned and then it does it's best to weed out the weak ones from the pack. Currently nature is trying to wipe the Sexton's off the map...

As of now Craig is not sick....I'm holding my breath but...Craig has the immune system of a half dead donkey...seriously, he usually catches whatever is going around. I attribute him not getting sick thus far as nothing but the Sovernity of God since I really couldn't miss work and Cooper really needed one sober parent (not doped up on Robitussin), to take care of him. But it's probably coming. Change is coming and I fear that, that change for Craig is his health. I mean seriously can you live with two sicklings and not catch it yourself? I think not. Especially when one of them does things like COUGH IN YOUR MOUTH. (I was informed by Becca that today while visiting Cooper she leaned down and opened her mouth and he went AUGHHCK right in her face. So yeah, she's going to get it too...

So Monday (if we're not dead by then), Craig is supposed to write down when he wants to use all of his vacation/sick days...Yeah he's expected to KNOW when he's going to be sick for twelve this realistic? Not in the least. Vacation I could understand (it would still be annoying to try and figure out when you're going to need that work reprieve most so you don't go postal, so far in advance but I still get it for vacation). But when your days double as vacation/sick it's pretty much impossible to utilize any of them as sick days...ughghgh. Just one more thing to look forward to, you can count on at least a couple of days when you are sick and have to take an unpaid day...Did I mention "ughghghghgh"...

So to recap we're all either sick or getting sick and we're destined to die in a snotty heap while NOT GETTING PAID for it!

Day 2: cash from G.E.

my contest entry of the day;

be back later for a daily post...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

a shout out to my most newely ENGAGED cuz!

CONGRATS TO GRETCHEN AND JOSH WHO ARE NOW OFFICIALLY ENGAGED (even though my mom and craig claim to think they've been engaged for months)!
for the whole story click it--->


Okay remember when I said I thought it would be interesting to enter a different contest everyday and see if I win, we'll see...wish me luck!

(to see what contest I entered and read about a pretty amazing couponer follow the link...)