Tuesday, June 23, 2009


one year, one month, thats how old you are! how amazing is that?! you are over a year old! we have known you for over a year! you have gotten to experience every single month, every single season and every single holiday, ONCE! you are awesome and i thank God for you, little one. we are blessed through you.

you have an attitude now. a very distinct attitude. and also you throw temper tantrums...horrid i know, but still i love it! because it's so...you!

you have a playful spirit and im pretty sure you're going to grow up to be a tease...last night you kept running toward your daddy and you'd hold your little arms up for him to get you. once he picked you up, you'd squirm to get down. then you'd do it all over again. after about the third time when you came running up to craig he said, "i bet he's going to want me to pick him up". well you got to him, you started to hold your arms up and then you said "NO!" and turned around and went to other way. you proceeded to do this until we were cracking up laughing hysterically!

we have so much fun, the six of us (you, me, your daddy, jay-jay, mercy and dudley). sometimes we all curl up together and watch a movie...these are my favorite nights.

you eat real food now. (hamburgers and spaghetti are among your favorites, i knew you were my kid)!

you drink from a straw now!

you say "please" which comes out "pes" when you really, really want something. (and i mean, seriously, who could say no to that)?!

you are full of energy, excited about everything and you have a zest for life. i love you my darling! my sweet, precious baby boy, everyday i count the hours until i get to be with you again, to hold you, to play with you and to just enjoy being your mama.

love you,
your mommy

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