Friday, October 31, 2008


Kind of reminds me of the episode of Friend's when baby Chandler is supposed to be a boy according to ultrasound and after the birth she's a girl and Frank runs out and yells, "CHANDLER'S A GIRL, CHANDLER'S A GIRL!!!" And Chandler goes "oh kindergarten flashback, kindergarten flashback!!!"

Okay well that was kind of off topic but I took Studley Dudley to the vet for the first time yesterday and guess what? Dudley's a girl!! They asked me if I was going to change her name and I'm like "no...she's been Dudley all her life...that's her name".

I know it makes no sense but for some reason I seem to feel closer to her and favor her more sense I found out she was a girl...for some bizarre reason I must love girl cats more than boy cats...BUT I was overwhelmingly glad that Cooper was a boy so apparently I favor male human babies...

Now watch, the next cat we get will be a boy and I'll find out I'm pregnant with a little girl and I'll totally have to edit this post...

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