Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Wonderings of my Brain on a Monday

-ok so like 2 months until Christmas!

-i wish cooper would just get teeth already so he doesnt have to run a fever and scare the crap out of me

-anytime it rains i always wish i was in construction so i could stay home and sleep

-i've been guilty of wishing for a handicap when i cant find a parking spot

-i could eat a hot dog every day

-i could eat spaghetti every day

-i could eat tacos every day

-i DID eat spaghetti everyday when i was preggo with coop

-i hate math

-craig hates math

-angela hates math

-becca and gretchen hate spanish

-sometimes i really really hate my job

-i have adorable cats...sometimes...

-3 cats is the perfect number

-im still waiting on that kitty farm


-Thanksgiving is bound to be FIASCO-filled

-why must my family (or is it just me?), (or is it just craig's family?) NO its definitely all of us, why must we all thrive on FIASCO?

-why is it a year later and i still dont have a car?

-why is it that i have absolutely no ambition about some things?

-i really want to have a fall extravaganza bananza-is it too late to plan it?

-i could eat tastefully simple every day.

-did i mention that i could eat spaghetti every day?

-i had spaghetti last night...i was going to bring it for lunch...then i forgot...FRICK!

-i could eat bacon every day...


-i should try bacon in tacos...OR bacon on spaghetti...yummmmm

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Lorri said...

You forgot I hate math!