Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best Day Ever...

So yesterday was September 29th, mine and Craig's 6th anniversary! Anniversaries have always been kind of random for us. Some anniversaries we've spent on wonderful cruises in exotic places and some anniversaries have been rock bottom like the year I broke my sternum a couple days before and I spend the day on the couch, on pain killers, and we ordered chinese delivery but the chinese girl thought our driveway went AROUND our house and she got her car stuck in the woods and my daddy yelled at her...yeah, that year we were really scrapping the bottom of the barrell...but regardless I always look forward to our anniversary even though we haven't always
had the best of luck.

This year was the first year that it seems like neither one of us put forth much effort. We had agreed not to get presents, that we would spend that money going out to eat and a movie, maybe this weekend. Craig had originally taken off but then we realized that Cooper had a doctor's appointment for vaccines (aka: tiny doses of death, see next post to follow...) and Craig had an algebra test in his night class SO he decided to just go to work. And I went to work. Then I picked up Cooper and let his mean aunt Tru-ey poke him FOUR times! Then Cooper and me just hung out at home. He was cranky and miserable and just wanted to be held which was fine with me so I sat on the couch and cuddled him for hours. We watched grey's anatomy on the computer then took a nap. Craig got home at about 9:30 and he took over Cooper duty, holding, playing, walking around so he didn't scream. I cooked hamburger helper and then we proceeded to have the BEST ANNIVERSARY EVER!

We sat on the couch, Cooper in between us and we took turns eating and feeding Cooper Doup. We feasted on hamburger helper and left over chips from Moe's and we watched a whole lot of Tina Fey. We watched her parody of Sarah Palin, which I want to go on record for saying I called the whole Tina/Sarah uncanny resemblence long before the nation caught on. I have the text message I sent out to prove it!

Sometime after midnight with Cooper in my arms and cuddled with Craig on the couch and tummy full of simple but GOOD food and two episodes of 30 Rock later I realized, this was exactly what I had dreamed about since I was a little girl. Wonderful husband, beautiful baby boy, house full of cats, a food that involves hamburger, noodles and cheese, funniest show ever...God is amazingly good! Reality hit me like a brick wall, that I love my life! What more could I ever ask for? So I reached over and kissed Craig and declared this the Very Best Anniversary Ever! Then I told him the only way he could ever out do himself next year is to make it happen on a cruise... : )


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