Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cooper 4 Months!

My sweet baby is turning into a sweet little boy!

Oh my gosh, at the changes I've noticed in just the last few weeks! You've always been good at holding your head up but now it's official, you need no help! We can for the most part carry you on our hip now which just makes you seem even more grownie!

You can hold on to toys and you reach for things now. You love books and you've started to show interest in a stuffed penguin! You reach for it and then grab it with both hands and then try to eat it's beak! You are completely adorable!

You used to have a cute little cry but as of late you've replaced that with sheer screaming...it's still pretty amusing...you're not crying at all, just mad and letting us know it!

Lately you've really been noticing your kitty cats...mostly to grab their fur and hold on tight. Poor little Dudley just keeps coming back for more. He wants to lay right beside you all the time and even when you reach over and grab handfuls of fur or when you take your tiny feet and kick as hard as you can, well, he just purs and keeps on laying there snuggled up against his tiny Coop!

We love you so much. At times it's almost overwhelming...

You love bath time! You get this excited look on your face and you just smile and smile when we put you in the water. It's really going to be great when you can sit up so that I can teach you to splash and play with your rubber ducky and all kinds of bath toys! Your gran and grandpa frosty and aunt bec bought you a huge rubber ducky blow up bath tub! You love it! Just think, in a few summers you'll be old enough to swimming in aunt trudy and uncle ricky's pool! How fun that will be!

It's hard to remember those first few days and even weeks now. They seem like an eternity away...And even though people say "they grow up too fast" I'm loving watching you grow! You are so much more fun now than even a month ago! I love it when you learn new things or make new noises or just anything that you do!

Your gran reminded me that 2 days ago was a year to the day that we found out about you...a whole year ago we had just found out about your existence! And now look at you! You laugh and play and babble and smile and coo and are completely amazing! This time last year your daddy and me were still in shock to hear that you were on your way but now we couldn't live without you! It's as if you've been a part of our lives forever...we were always meant to be a family! God used you to complete us!

Your mommy loves you, your daddy loves you and God loves you!

love you Cooper Man!
your mommy

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Lorri said...

Aww, Cooper's going to love reading about himself when he gets older! Keep it up!