Monday, September 22, 2008


A quick rant for the road. I know I'm behind on blogs and believe me it's not for lack of having something to say. I have several in mind (for example 'A Death in the South' and 'A Little White Trash in the Air'-and yes, trudy, ricky, gretchen and josh this one is about you), and I promise to try and get caught up tonight BUT I thought I'd give you a sampling of how I'm feeling right now.

I used my afternoon break to go to walmart and pick up some baby formula. Something I'm already absolutely freaking out about because of china and melatomine (or whatever) and the fact that the more I research it the more crazy my brain gets and now apparently the soy formula I've been giving Cooper is trying to kill him according to the web...

So anyway I go in and after what seems like agonizing hours on the baby aisle I finally pick enfamil a.r. lipil, formulated especially for babies who spit up frequently but not made with (now considered) EVIL soy beans...this may or may not work. I'm truthfully leaning more toward the 'may not' because it's milk based and so far we've yet to come up with a milk based formula that Cooper will tolerate and DARN the soy beans for ruining my already crazed life. Gah it makes me want to go run soy beans over with my car and then set them ablaze...

BUT back to the current rant, so I pick out a can of what is no longer considered baby formula but that I now lovingly refer to as "a can of teetering on the edge of good nutrition to thrive upon and potentially dangerous ingredients that WILL kill you". I go to check out and the clerk puts the above mentioned can in the same bag with my Drano...SERIOUSLY?! FOR REAL CASHIER?! PROBABLY, DO I WANT MY ALREADY QUESTIONABLE BABY MILK IN THE SAME BAG AS MY FORTIFIABLE CHEMICAL THAT IS GUARANTEED TO EAT THROUGH DRAIN SLUDGE IN LESS THAN AN HOUR?!?!?!?!


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