Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cooper-month 3!

dear cooper,

you are currently in your third month of life and OH MY GOSH you are amazing! im sorry i havent written you before now, i actually just stole the idea from a fellow blogger, heather armstrong. she writes to her little girl every month. i dont agree with or like everything that she does or writes about but i do like this idea. its probably for the best that i didn't write you before now because i am just now getting over all the hormones and changs that have typically made me crazy for the last year and the ones that made your daddy realize how very glad he is to be a man. i can't say i'm back to my old self because my "old self" didn't include you in my life and i never EVER want to go back to that again! so i guess you could say i'm back to "my old personality with a new and improved sense of what love is".

you went on your first vacation last weekend. we went to pigeon forge and you loved it! you, me, your daddy and your mema stayed in the family inn. im sorry an orange motel was your first hotel experience. basically it sucked. i promise, from now on while traveling with you i will do be best to avoid orange and pink motels! anyway the rest of the family got a cabin: your gran, aunt bec, your grandpa frosty, grandma mincey, aunt trudy, uncle ricky, gretchen, and josh. you have come to love joshy and we hope the gretchen keeps him around!

we took you to dollywood and we looked all over but you were too little to ride anything. maybe next time! i let you try sprite for the first time and you were not impressed. i also let you try ketchup and although this is a staple food of mine you decided that you hate it's existance and you spit it out all over my shirt!

someone was holding you the whole weekend. you slept in your pack n play and rode in your carseat of course but at all other times you were being held. people basically fought over you! oh my precious little one you will never know how much of a blessing you are to this family! especially me, your mama. i prayed for you and wished for you and imagined what you would be like for as long as i can remember. i still sometimes think i'm dreaming because you're so amazing! God has been indescribably good to us!

you can hold up your head now all on your own. you've been doing this for some time. you also want to sit up. laying down's for babies and you want to sit up and look around! even when we're holding you you squirm and start to do crunches to try and get yourself in sitting position! oh my goodness, you're such a strong boy!

some where between 1-2 months we aquired another kitty cat. his name is studley dudley and he was orphaned, that's the reason we got him. mercy and jay-jay love you but dudley thinks you're HIS! he wants to sleep right beside you and always wants to be right by your side.

your mom is a little neurotic but by the time you can read this you will have probably figured this out on your own. i've gotten somewhat better but i still struggle with some things. like for instance i still have to pull over almost every day while taking you to ms. karen's to check on you and make sure you're breathing but i haven't had to pull over three times all in the same trip like i used to have to do! baby steps, baby steps. i still make you sleep with the monitor that alarms if you stop breathing and even so i still reach over and feel your chest every single time i wake up at night. if anyone is holding you i have to ask every five minutes if you're breathing. most everyone makes fun of me because of this but i can't help it. i'm a little strange and over protective but you'll learn that soon enough!

i hear about other parents who put their 3 month olds to bed at 7:00 or 8:00. what?! that seems crazy to me, sometimes we've barely gotten home by that time! i keep you in the living room with us until we all go to bed! if you fall asleep you fall asleep and if you don't then we just get to play with you longer! i can't stand for you to be in a different room than me, i want you either in my lap or right beside me, i'm obsessed with you!

i have been so excited about Christmas this year. i absolutely can not wait until you get to experience the most magical, wonderous, and Holy time of year! i know the thought of magical and holy might seem to contradict each other but when speaking about Christmas they don't. i hope and pray that we can instill in you the real meaning of Christmas and portray to you God's love but at the same time let you experience the magic and wonder of santa claus that every child should experience! i can't wait!

you are completely beautiful. you are growing and in the very top percentile of your age group. you have gorgeous hair. you only cry when hungry or if something's wrong. you have the best personality ever for a baby! you are also the absolute most huggable human being on the entire earth, how blessed are we?!

your mommy loves you, your daddy loves you and more importantly God loves you! i try to remember every night to pray that when it's time you ask Jesus into your heart. i don't want this to be something you have to struggle with. i hope that it comes to you easy and you never have to doubt...i love you. forever and always. i want you to remember that you'll always be my baby and you've forever changed my life in the most amazing way!

in a couple of weeks i'll be writing you your fourth month letter. hard to believe but time if flying by! just think, this time a year ago i didn't even know you were on your way! and now look at you! there are just no words...

love you cooper douper!
~your mommy

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Gretchen said...

awww... that was so sweet! And (aunt) Gretchen defintely plans to keep Joshy around for a REALLY long time... in fact little Cooper, hopefully in the next few years we'll give you a little cousin of your own and the two of you will be best friends like your mommy and i are... you'll be the next generation of buddy bears...