Friday, September 26, 2008


Never leave your partner behind...

Augh, finally the day I've been waiting on has arrived, the day Fireproof comes out! Kirk Cameron is Caleb Holt, firechief in what promises to be my new favorite movie! Did you see Facing the Giants? If not, go watch it right now! It is an absolutely amazing movie. There are no "stars", no "billion dollar budget" and I'm pretty sure it was all shot on location BUT it's story line, heart wrenching moments and absolute feeling of victory it will leave with you more than makes up for it's "budget quality". It starts a little slow but once you're into it, you're into and if you stick with it, you won't be disappointed!

Well Fireproof is coming from the same creators of Facing the Giants and OH MY GOSH the trailer blows me away! I've probably watched it a dozen times! I have what some might call OCD tendencies...

So pretty much I've looked forward to this movie since I first heard it was coming out and I even put on my day calendar "DATE WITH COOPER AND CRAIG TO SEE FIREPROOF", however at the beginning of the week I forgot what today was and Craig said he was going to help his mom move some things for her and so I stupidly volunteered to work tonight instead of Wednesday...UGH! Now Craig isn't going to help his mom because of the gas fiasco and we could have had the most awesome date ever (with Cooper too) BUT I had already signed up to work, FRICK!

So I checked the movie listings and it's not even playing in Dawsonville which means we would have to go all the way to Gainesville or Cumming and the latest it plays tonight is 9:45 so probably we wouldn't make it after I get off...and plus I would be smelling like a hamburger which probably doesn't say "greatest date ever"...But you better believe I will be there tomorrow! Maybe I'll go to a matinee and then go again tomorrow night. Seriously I'm obsessed...

So if you're off tonight and if you have no plans, (even if you do have plans, cancel them) and go see my movie! Do it for me.

Watch the trailer:

Be amazed! If you don't get chills from this trailer...well...I'm just not sure we can be friends anymore...


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