Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Part Train Wreck, Part Pure Brilliant

David Blaine. I feel like that's what he is. Part of what he does is so completely stupid, horrifically pointless and so entirely parallel to a train wreck that I feel I must spend hours of my life that I'll never again get back watching him do things like live under water or hang upside down for days BUT then there's a tiny part of me that says, "dang, he's a genius!" I mean he comes up with outrageous stunts and then convinces millions of people including a major network to watch him. And I'm not sure who exactly pays him to do these things but I'm guessing someone does because you never hear about him missing work or using up all his sick days doing things like...hanging upside down for a week.

As we were watching the beginning of his newest adventure I kept having to walk over to Cooper and say "no, don't put the blanket over your head" as he was yet again trying to drive me insane and Craig was like, "hey, we have another David Blaine in the making! Look at him over there with his death defying breathing through the blanket stunt". So now, David Blaine's mom, I know how you feel!

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